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Self Esteem Affirmations


Self Esteem Affirmations

Self esteem affirmation are healing and give you positive self-scripts to counter your negative thinking about yourself and the negative things of your own self.

Self esteem affirmations help you to break free from the over dependence on the thinking, opinions, attitudes and feelings of the others and makes you feel good about yourself.

It helps you in the visualization of a new order and brings back the sense in your life which you can achieve trying to achieve them.

It is you who must take the personal responsibility for your health and the stabilization of your emotions. You must leave the emotional baggage that you have been carrying; this will help you in a way to deal with the realities of your life and the surroundings in a positive manner.

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You must resolve to forget the feelings of the past so that you are able to deal with the present with no pessimism in your mind. This will also mark the time for you to grow, change and will help you take risks with confidence and without any pessimism so that you may work as you want. This will make the world and your life a better place to live in.

You must then try to take a selfish route which always helps to make your life more cheerful and happy of course. This will help you lose those people who always want toy prey on you and drain your resources and keep you away from a happy, cheerful and healthy personal life.

When you start living your way, it helps you in recognition in your rights and gives you a claim on them which gives you an opportunity for an equal chance to achieve your lost full potential. When you think of such things, believe them and then give them try them you will observe that the do come true.

Affirmations only come true when you believe in them and work hard for their achievement. The following are some of the affirmations that may prove useful to you and then may be you will be able to develop some of your own.


You must tell yourself:
1. That you deserve to be happy and successful.
2. That you have the power to change you way of living.
3. That you can make your own choice and make your own decisions.
4. That you are free to live as you wish and nobody can pressurize you otherwise.
5. That you are flexible and are open to any positive change in your life.
6. That it is enough for you that you have done your best and that you deserved to beloved and liked.

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