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Self Esteem Affirmations

By 1 week ago

Self esteem affirmation are healing and give you positive self-scripts to counter your negative thinking about yourself and the negative things of your own self. Self esteem affirmations help you to break free from the over dependence on the thinking, opinions, attitudes and feelings of the others and makes you feel good about yourself. It […]

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Healthy Snacking Habits

By 2 weeks ago

Do pizzas, ice creams, French fries, cookies and candies list high on your kid’s agenda for snacks. And despite you telling your kids innumerable times, they still swear by junk and unhealthy foods for snacks. Giving in for there desire for junk food is paving way for your kids to be obese. Just as charity […]

Breaking the Espresso Habit

By 2 weeks ago

There are probably hundreds of thousands of individuals that start off their day and mornings with a shot of espresso beverages. In addition, those same people probably also have a shot of espresso in the evening before they go to bed. If you are one of those espresso drinkers, though, have you ever considered that […]

The Secret of Internet Marketing Success Is There Is No Secret

By 2 weeks ago

For years many of us have been working towards goals that never come to anything, or wanting to achieve something that just keeps eluding us. At first we journey down the road called “blame” – after all it’s easier to believe that some one or some thing is responsible for us not achieving what we […]

Book Review – Brian Tracy – No Excuses – The Power of Self Discipline

By 2 weeks ago

No Excuses – The Power of Self Discipline – Book Review Though there are millions of books in the world, there are only a few that leave an indelible impression on our minds and change our lives forever. In this article, we are going to talk to you about one such book written by one […]

Arlo Pro 2 Smart Camera

By 2 weeks ago

Arlo Pro 2 Smart Camera My first introduction to smart home technology was as a hobbyist, long before I became an installer. I was interested in home automation from a very early age. I used to love reading science fiction, and smart homes were a big feature from the 1950s onward. Ideas that once seemed […]

Colon Cleaning- The Secret Behind Health And Vitality

By 2 weeks ago

It does not require you to be an authority on health to know that disease begins in the colon and to be in optimum health we need the colon to be in perfect state. But most of us do not have the clear idea as to what is meant by a healthy colon. The primary […]

Powerful Common Habits of Successful People

By 2 weeks ago

While there is no hard and fast rules nor prophetic beliefs to what makes some people successful, we can learn a lot by examining successful people. Often enough, high achievers exhibit similar habits and behaviors. There are reasons why successful people have turned out the way they did. They’ve got the discipline, the confidence, the […]

Creating the Habit of Self-Reflection

By 2 weeks ago

We usually think of habits as bad things. However, a habit is only as bad as the habitual activity. Creating healthy habits can be a great way to improve your health and wellness without even thinking about it. While starting bad habits can feel so easy – usually because we do it unconsciously – actively […]

10 Secrets to a Happy Marriage

By 2 weeks ago

Having a happy marriage doesn’t necessarily come easily just because you love each other. While love is very important in a marriage sometimes it just isn’t enough and you have to work at your marriage just like any other relationship. Open communication and careful consideration of each others feelings are two of the emotional aspects […]

Habits That Cause You To Drain Your Daily Energy

By 2 weeks ago

Energy Draining Habits Some people suffer from fatigue on almost a daily basis and often it is due to energy draining habits. Many do not know they even have habits that can drain their energy! The problem is, if you don’t know what is causing your fatigue, it can lead to a cycle of despair. […]

If You Want To Be Successful Follow These Secrets

By 3 weeks ago

Author Michael Jeffreys personally interviewed 15 top motivational gurus in 1997 for his then upcoming book. After talking to gurus from Brian Tracy to Dr. Wayne Dyer, he distilled 8 Secrets to Success they all agreed upon. These secrets are still good today and are as follows: Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life – In […]

Positive Affirmations for Stress Management

By 3 weeks ago

Stress management in life usually requires changes in the way you think. For people going through too much stress, maintaining a positive attitude can do a lot in helping deal with very difficult and trying circumstances. One way of trying to maintain a positive mindset is by using positive affirmations to influence the subconscious mind […]

5 Habits That Boost Mental Energy Every Day

By 3 weeks ago

All of us need mental energy to meet the challenges and opportunities of our lives with gusto. Many of us think that that mental energy has to come from caffeinated drinks or dietary supplements. A huge industry has risen around supplying us with canned mental energy. There’s nothing wrong with a few cups of coffee […]

Can Affirmations End Binge Eating Disorder?

By 3 weeks ago

It is proven that affirmations help to reprogram one’s mind. When one repeats an affirmation over and over, the subconscious picks up on it as the present reality. Does this mean that people have the ability to completely turn around their life as they know it? In one word: yes. You can co-create your world […]

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