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Alternative Ways To Fight Stress


Alternative Ways To Fight Stress

Stress relief is something that everybody needs to get regularly, no matter how much they complain that they don’t have the time. Especially if they complain that they don’t have the time!

There are a thousand and one ways to get stress relief, with some of them being considered to be “tried and true” methods.

However, there are some problems with these old methods, particularly because the old methods may or may not work that well with people who have “new ” mindsets.While making someone listen to Mozart may not be a cause for complaint, it may not work that well in relieving his stress either, particularly if classical music isn’t really suited to his tastes.

For people with that sort of personality, perhaps the best stress relief is one that might be considered a little…unconventional.

There are, of course, “conventional” stress relief techniques. These are the ones that people have used for centuries on end, and will likely outlast even the societal factors causing the stress and anxiety in the first place.

These methods include the aforementioned music, though some more modern genres are better at causing stress and anxiety, rather than relieving them.

Another typically suggested one would be exercise, which not only serves as good stress relief, but also has a few other benefits on a person’s physical well-being. Some types of tea, with jasmine, oolong, and green tea being most commonly mentioned, are also said to be a good way of achieving stress relief, as they calm both the mind and body. However, as previously stated, these may not work on some people.

So, what are the unconventional methods of stress relief?

Well, chief among them is physical violence.

Sometimes, the best way to let go of all your stress and anxiety is to hit something — and hitting it over and over again, if necessary.

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This does not mean that you should go around hitting people at the slightest sign of frustration. This is often suggested as a means of finding release from one’s negative emotions, letting go of the stress they cause at the same time.

Since it would be unwise and potentially problematic to lash out against people, it is best to lash out against objects such as pillows, stress balls, and the occasional lump of clay. Items such as these can take a tremendous amount of punishment, allowing someone with a lot of stress and anxiety to work through his problems physically, without risking harm to himself or anyone else.

Another alternative comes from the advent of internet of things and trends: blogging.

Blogging, which is basically a journal or diary that is available on the Internet for the general public to read, can really help someone with stress relief in the workplace.

It allows a degree of anonymity that can’t be found anywhere else, giving the person the freedom to write whatever comes to mind, even if what comes to mind happens to be criticisms of management’s latest blunder or your direct supervisor’s tendency to show off his incompetence.

An added benefit is that the blogger can look back into his past entries and hopefully be able to do a little self-analysis at a later date.

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